Automated Guided Vehicles

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AGV have been used prominently in material handling environments. Traditionally they have been using Lead Acid battery technology as there were no adequate or competitive technologies available.
With the introduction of Lithium ion technology and its various charging capability and its cycling value, more and more customers have been using the newer technology as it provides greater value.
Our standard 48V 100Ah battery systems have been very popular with the AGV market space. Due to this battery's versatile shape and its design which can support up to 8 battery systems in parallel with designed in dynamic BMS, customers can literally plug and work with this solution.

Electric Bus

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There is a unique change around the bend, this change is transforming the public transportation system, let it be Bus or rolling stock (railways or subways) into battery electric power systems.
There is no argument against electrical systems on efficiency and very low maintenance and with battery technology catching up to the demands, a lot more Buses will be running on Battery power systems in coming months and years.
With over a decade of experience, ICPT engineers have designed and developed a standard battery system which is versatile. This basic building block (review the specs) can be configured into 18 different ways to provide you with required voltage and energy to adapt to every mobile system.

Marine Solutions

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New regulations are here in some places and some will see this in recent months. Taking environment into consideration, combustion engine boats are not permitted to be used in lakes and reservoirs. Oil and gasoline leaks are taking a toll on the vegetation as well as marine life. Lead acid battery may also be banned due to lead getting into the water streams if not recycled or cared for properly.
Lithium ion solutions are better in all aspects. Less weight, more power, no carcinogen within the battery components makes it an ideal power product for small and medium size marine vehicles.
ICPT has developed a unique ingress protected (IP67) battery system that is primarily for Marine industry. This battery can be put together in series and parallel configuration as the power needs gets defined.

Military Solutions

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AQAP certificate (NATO Compliance)

Industrial e-mobility solutions

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ICPT also supplies Industrial markets which includes, but is not limited to, refrigeration power back up, Robotics battery systems, as well as working with companies which are interested in managing portable power with mobility within new and emerging innovative markets.

Energy Storage solutions

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When correctly defined and designed, battery energy storage solutions play a vital role in all aspects of power management. Whether the power is defined to off-set maximum load, use it when the grid power is at its higher price, or just use the backup system and disconnect the grid for time to time.
ICPT has developed modular solutions that can be connected in series and parallel configurations to meet customer's needs. Details of these battery modules can be found in the standard battery module file section.
In addition to storage, ICPT has also created a power rack that helps telecom industry receive the additional power boost required when they are moving from 4G to 5G data communications upgrade. 2U system (19 inch standard rack) with 48V is already available as a standard product for this industry.