Impact Clean Power Technology S.A.

Production-commercial company Impact Clean Power Technology S.A. specializes in lithium-ion energy storage systems development and system integration for public transport, power industry, and telecommunications. The firm has got wide experience in designing and manufacturing of integrated supply systems based on chemical sources of current. It also produces both electronic control and thermal management systems for battery packs.
ICPT offers cutting-edge technological solutions for electric drive components destined for automotive, energy storage and electric vehicles development. Our ideas regarding energy flow management algorithms are applied to electric mining trucks and industrial automatic transport robots as well. Additionally, research and development works in the field of dedicated battery packs, electronics, and vehicle electrification are held at our facilities.

Currently, the company is realising both innovative projects founded from public resources and commercial projects.

ICPT S.A. sells its products and services around the world including Europe, North America and Asia, and intends to keep this trend in the course of further development.

Business activity scope:

  • Electric buses and trucks
  • Telecommunication
  • Power industry
  • Energy storage systems
  • Mining
  • Automation and robotics

Board of directors

Impact Clean Power Technology S.A. (ICPT) joint stock company is managed by a three-person Board of directors:

  • Konrad Makomaski – President

Konrad Makomaski

Konrad Makomaski has graduated from Electronics Department at Warsaw University of Technology and international school of business and management INSEAD in France.

He gained his work experience in Poland, the USA, France, Germany, and other countries. At first, he worked in industrial automation (Katowice Steelworks, Usinor Dunkerque, Vesuvius USA) and next in management informatics business domains

For over 10 years he had been working at Oracle Corporation in the USA, France, and Poland. At the end of nineties he managed the Polish branch office of Informix company and received many corporate honourable mentions for the achieved results. In the period from 2001 – 2004 he created and managed the biggest in Poland electronic B2B trade market firm Otwarty Rynek Elektroniczny S.A – Marketplanet which works in Telekomunikacja Polska/France Telecom group. From 1990 – 2008 he promoted modern methods of information system design and project management. In recognition of his accomplishments he became one of the first winners of Mark Car prize for public administration informationalization.

Konrad Makomaski is an authority and long-standing member of The Polish Chamber of Information Technology and Telecommunications board, an expert at PTI, and the first Chairman of The Polish Platform for Information Technology. He also co-founded The Polish Technological Platform for Green Transport – PPTTE.

For the last few years Konrad Makomaski has been engaged in design and production of electric cars and high power battery systems. He worked as a Development Manager at Impact Automotive Technologies company from Pruszków – the first in Poland manufacturer of batch-produced Re-Volt electric car. Subsequently, he managed Clean Power Technical Solutions, a firm which specialised in selling and coordinating of e-Mobility market related projects. At the moment he is the President of Board at Impact Clean Power Technology S.A.– the leading European enterprise pursuing the design and construction of modern battery systems as well as high power drives.

  • Bartłomiej Kras – Vice-President

  • Rafał Weralski – Member of Board



ICPT S.A. has got its own laboratories including battery lab furnished with equipment for traction batteries ( up to 900 V and 200 A) testing. Apart from that in the lab there are cooling and heating chambers for environment testing as well as vibration test stand.

Electronic laboratory is provided with testers of battery electronic management systems and measuring instruments (dedicated oscilloscopes, meters and gauges) for developing and testing of electronic systems. We also held protection effectiveness measurements of traction batteries with the use of power network meter. The lab also owns a professional thermal imaging camera FLIR..


Our engineers use up-to-date dedicated engineering software entrusted by customers e.g. Pro/ENGINEER, Altium Designer, and Freescale CodeWarrior Embedded Software supported by LDRA Tool suite.

Welding laser:

ICPT possesses lithium-ion cells welding laser. Our Battery Welding Center offers high quality welds. The process is non-contact and is distinguished by its energy efficiency and repeatability. To visit Center’s website click here.


In 2013 ICPT S.A. introduced quality management system which gained the certificate of compliance with requirements of ISO 9001:2008 international norm and standardizing publication NATO AQAP 2110:2009 (eng. Allied Quality Assurance Publication). Application of these normative regulations supports our striving to gain customers’ recognition and satisfaction through constant improvement of delivered products in terms of customer requirements and expectations as well as legal conditions concerning the product.

Focusing on the best quality of our products we follow the normative directions at all stages of product development starting from designing phase through assembly all the way to the final product handover. Due to undertaken approach we take special care of weather components and services provided by our subcontractors reach the required standards. In order to meet the customers’ expectations we regularly monitor and evaluate the work of our suppliers.

The introduction of quality management system contributed to an upgrade of both business procedures’ arrangement as well as management system in our company. It also increased the level of safety of our products and their competitiveness on the global market

Since ICPT S.A. satisfies the supplementary requirements defined by North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) and contained in AQAP 2110 publication it is able to fulfil orders of armed forces. Because of the uniqueness of military actions whose success depends on the quality and reliability of the used products it is necessary for army suppliers to implement additional requirements from the publication to their design, supply, and production procedures. As a manufacturer ICPT S.A. wants to ensure this obligatory level of safety, reliability, and serviceability of products..

Impact Clean Power Technology S.A. (ICPT), a company from Warsaw and a leading European bus and truck drive batteries’ manufacturer has obtained the first in Poland homologation certificate of compliance with R100 rev.2 regulation for standard lithium-ion battery line with high energy density based on NMC technology within UVES 200 (Universal Vehicle Energy Storage) category.
Regulation R100.2 has been introduced in July, 2016. It specifies conditions to be met and safety tests which traction battery needs to undergo to obtain homologation and admission of roadwothiness.

The homologation tests have been conducted in a Spanish laboratory IDIADA as in Poland there are no adequately equipped and accredited organisations. The certificate for this new traction battery line strengthens ICPT’s position as the home market leader and one of the three most prominent manufacturers of such batteries in Europe.

Download certyficate



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